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Séjour | (noun) 
'A Period of Staying (in a place)' 
For example - Our 'stay' on the Côte d’Azur was wondrous | Notre "séjour" sur la Côte d’Azur était merveilleux.

Our entire collection of beautifully crafted pieces are all personally curated by our founder and director, Vanessa.
Vanessa was born in The South of France and immigrated to Australia as a child.

Continuing to return to France many times in her life, she came to appreciate and identify in particular with the laid back French Riviera style where the locals place emphasis on slow living, focused on living life in the present moment and savouring experiences wether big or small.

Each time she returned, more and more of France stayed with her.
Vanessa felt called to pay homage to her place of origin- and the beginnings of Séjour were born. 

Vanessa looks for pieces that embody a touch of “Je ne sais quois” — a hard-to-explain distinctive element that makes homes decorated in the Parisian style and parts of France like the French Riviera have an alluring charm.
They are very chic, appear effortless, and have an element of the unexpected. 

Ultimately, every piece is chosen to inspire the creation of beautiful spaces and cultivate the notion of being on a 'stay' in your own home.